Stop Failing Your Children

So, I am not quite sure how the whole blogging thing works…. But I am going to give it a shot.

I have to say, I have done an outstanding job raising my children, thus far. They are well behaved, well mannered and do very well in school. Now, don’t get me wrong, they have their asshole moments, but what child doesn’t? I am getting tired of getting calls from their schools because little Johnny or little Sally put their hands on one of my children, or did something to them. My children always handle the situation well, tell a teacher, vice principle etc. These calls are becoming so frequent that I am so close to telling my children “When you get to school walk right up to little Johnny or Sally and punch him or her right in their nose and tell them to stop messing with you. And the next time they mess with you they will get an ass whooping and not a little nose punch. When the school calls to tell me that you did that, I will pick you up and take you to get ice cream.” But, I won’t, because that is not right and they don’t know what Johnny or Sally are learning (not learning) at home. Or what their home life is like.
Parents need to start raising their children to be respectful human beings and not let them grow up with no values or morals. In the end, it is the child that will suffer from the lack of parenting, not the parent. There is so much hate and evil in the world, why would anyone want to add to it?
It is so scary and frustrating to be raising children in the world we live in, and it shouldn’t be. Damn, it is not hard to teach a child what is right from wrong. Just do it! Do something when little Johnny or Sally harass, bully or assault another child. Step the fuck up, get off your ass, get off your phone, put your drugs/alcohol down (if that is the case) and be a GOD DAMN PARENT!! DON’T FAIL YOUR CHILD, BECAUSE YOUR PARENTS FAILED YOU, OR BECAUSE YOU FAILED YOURSELF!
Being able to be a parent and have a child, whether it is your biological, adopted, stepchild or even if you had to use a surrogate, is a gift and a privilege. There are too many people who do not understand that. They cannot see the precious miracle that is right in front of their face. Wake up people because you’re going to lose that miracle one day and you’ll have no clue what hit you. Stop failing your children, before it is too late. Embrace them, love them, teach them, guide them in the right direction, they are our future, and by the look of the job some people are doing our future is looking pretty damn bleak.
Change is not a bad thing if it is for the right reasons. There is a lot that needs to be changed right now.

Rant over.