The Flu and A Shooting..

Last Tuesday, March 20th my world had a serious dose of reality, that it really did not need. I would have been fine not experiencing any of this.

It started out as a normal Tuesday morning, I was up early getting myself ready for the day, then I woke my nuggets up and got them ready for school and off to daycare. I was 10 minutes away from my job when my daycare provider called at 8:20 and said something unforgettable, “There has been a shooting at Great Mills High School, so far one fatality and multiple injuries. I am going to pick the kiddos up, I know they are not in that school, but they are close and I want to make sure they are safe.” Now, she only has my three littles who are in elementary school, my oldest is in middle school. I told her I was turning around and going to pick up my oldest nugget.

I am not gonna lie, I was hysterical. At this time we did not know if the shooter was a student, if it was a mass shooting, or if it was some crazy person who decided to go around and shoot up the schools. The ONLY thing I knew was that I need to get to my kids, and find out if my little cousin and my friend’s daughter- who both go to the high school were ok. Thankfully they were both okay, I made it safely to my children and hugged them extra tight.

We found out that this was a boy who shot his ex-girlfriend, injured another student and then took his life.

You know…. It is one thing when you hear about these shootings on the news, in another state… To experience it in your own community, so close to home, is the worst thing ever. I cannot and I will never be able to put into words the emotions, thoughts and feelings that I went through that day. It was so scary, but indescribable.

This was my nightmare, it came true, it happened within in walking distance from my home. I had written a post not too long ago about rubber doorstops, and if I should buy them and hope that they would save my children’s lives in a possible shooting. This SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

But, it did and sadly it will happen again. Our little community is still repairing itself from this tragedy. Two young lives were lost, for no good reason.

The time has come for a solution, to protect our children in school. We need to figure this out.

I spent the rest of that night basically dying. The other first time experience was the flu type A. I had never had the flu before. I could have gone the rest of my life not experiencing it. I am not sure who’s idea the flu was, but they are giant assholes.


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